Whether you're researching federal grants, seeking a letter of support for a federal grant application, or simply interested in learning more about the federal grant process, my office is ready and willing to assist you.

Where available, federal grants are awarded on a competitive basis in support of certain goals authorized by Congress. Federal agencies and departments administer hundreds of these grant programs; however, a substantial amount of federal grant funding is also disbursed to state governments, which then use the funding to administer grant programs at the state level. So, in addition to researching federal grants, I highly recommend that you ask your state senator or representative about state-level grant programs.


  • You can also search for more federal assistance programs in the Assistance Listings at SAM.gov. The Assistance Listings page includes federal grant and loan programs as well as business and nonfinancial assistance programs. For further information about a specific program, contact the federal office provided in that program's description.

Note: The Congressional Research Service offers an excellent overview of the federal grant application process in a report called "Resources for Grantseekers."