Congressman Lynch believes that every American should have meaningful access to quality, affordable healthcare. Congress must continue to work to increase patient access, rein in exorbitant premiums and drug prices, support the community health centers that treat our most vulnerable populations, support the teaching hospitals that train our next generations of health care workers, and invest in preventative care.

The Congressman is committed to protecting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and building upon it to reform and improve it in order to ensure that more Americans are covered. He joined with Members from both sides of the aisle to permanently repeal the ACA’s excise tax on high-cost employer medical plans (known as the “Cadillac tax”), the tax on medical device taxes and the annual fees on health insurance companies. He has also co-sponsored and supported important legislation to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. In June 2020, he voted to pass the most extensive reform to the ACA thus far, H.R. 1425, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act which would make more Americans eligible for federal financial assistance to buy health insurance, incentivize states to expand Medicaid eligibility and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Congressman Lynch believes that these programs must be improved and strengthened in order to reach our goals of providing coverage while reducing the overall costs of healthcare.

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