Congressman Stephen F. Lynch today announced that $250,000 for the rehabilitation of Stetson Hall in Randolph is included in the Transportation-Treasury-Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2006.  The bill was passed by Congress and will be signed into law by President Bush later this week.  

Congressman Lynch worked with the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to secure the funding, which will be delivered to Randolph as an economic development grant.  This is the second installment of federal funding that Congressman Lynch has secured for Stetson Hall.  In 2004, Lynch brought home $75,000 in federal funding for the renovation of the historic landmark.

"This funding gives a significant boost to local efforts to preserve one of Randolph’s most beloved historical treasures,” said Congressman Lynch.  "Modernizing Stetson Hall will beautify the downtown area and help to attract other businesses to Randolph.”

Built in 1842, Stetson Hall was originally designed to serve as Randolph’s Town Hall.  In the last century and a half, it has accommodated a schoolhouse, a theater, a dance hall and a gymnasium, and it continues to serve as a focal point of the community.  But the Hall fell into disrepair over the years and is in desperate need of modernization. 


"I give great credit to Jane and Walter Hess and Henry Cooke who have led the local effort to restore Stetson Hall.  In the last eight years, hundreds of local volunteers and dozens of local businesses from Randolph have come to Stetson Hall's rescue-fundraising, getting the support of the community, and completing the initial phase of the Hall’s rehabilitation,” said Congressman Lynch.  "I hope that this federal funding will allow Randolph to build on the efforts and leadership of Walter and Jane Hess and so many others, and complete the restoration of Stetson Hall.”