The Boston Higashi School in Randolph received a visit from Congressman Stephen Lynch during the busy Thanksgiving week.  The Congressman, who was spending time in his district while home for the holidays, made time to learn more about this innovative program for children with Autism located in Randolph, MA.  Randolph is part of the 9th Congressional District represented by Congressman Lynch.


The Boston Higashi School serves children and young adults aged 3-22, who are challenged by ASD, through an innovative combination of academics, communication, social development, athletics, art, music and technology known as Daily Life Therapy ®.  This philosophy of education is based on the world- renowned tenets developed by the late Dr. Kiyo Kitahara of Tokyo, Japan.  Among the principles which set this school apart from its peers is a clear policy against the use of medication or behavioral control.  According to the school’s Executive Director, Rosemary Littlefield, "the goal of this approach is to enable our students to develop a love for learning, overcome challenges, and to gain confidence from their successes so that they may fully enjoy their community and all that life has to offer.”

Congressman Lynch touted the school as "a model of innovation and an essential complement to the special education system available in Massachusetts and beyond.”  He said further that "The Boston Higashi School not only expands the options for education but also offers hope for families challenged by this difficult disorder.”

For more information about Daily Life Therapy ® or the Boston Higashi School, please visit their website at or call 781-961-0800.  For information on Autism Spectrum Disorder, visit the Autism Society of America at