On April 26, 2006, Congressman Stephen F. Lynch gave the following statement on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

Madam Speaker, we have to stop the partisan bickering here. The American people need our help.  I am sure we are all aware of the effects and hardships that $3-a-gallon gas prices are having on average American citizens and their families.  It amounts to a huge tax increase.  And the saddest part of this fiasco is that much of this price increase is the result of mere speculation.  It is, therefore, preventable.

We, the Democrats, have an answer which will provide immediate relief to American families.  It is H.R. 3936 offered by the gentleman from Michigan (Mr. Stupak).  It would regulate and put an end to the process of price gouging.  We have been trying to get this bill passed for some time.

For once we need to forget about the rich oil companies and record profits and tax cuts for the oil companies.  That needs to go away.  We need to start remembering the American people who need our help.  The Republican leadership needs to realize this economy is going in the toilet as a result of this administration's economic policies and millions of American families are suffering.  We need to pass the Stupak anti-price gouging bill.