Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA), member of the House Subcommittee on National Security and International Relations who has traveled to Iraq five times since the war began in 2003, said, "I continue to be deeply disappointed by President Bush’s refusal to reevaluate his Administration’s strategy in Iraq and his inability to recognize the burden that he is placing on American service men and women and their families.  When the President talks about sending "additional” troops to Iraq, he’s not talking about new troops.  Instead, troops already in the region will have their deployments extended and men and women who have completed multiple tours of duty in Iraq will be asked to leave their families and return far sooner than they expected. As someone who has been on the ground in Iraq a number of times, I assure you that sending more troops is not the answer.  Sending 20,000 more Americans to Iraq will not discourage insurgents, and it will not encourage the Iraqi government to take more responsibility for their nation.  Instead, we should be devising a strategy that will reduce the number of our troops in Iraq, and devise a clear plan to bring them home.  It is time for President Bush to do the right thing by our men and women in uniform, and work together with the Congress to bring them home as safely and as soon as possible.”