A resolution honoring the World Champion Boston Red Sox was introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives. The resolution by Congressman Mike Capuano was introduced by the entire New England House Congressional Delegation.  

            The resolution states, in part, that “the 2007 Red Sox World Champion team epitomized sportsmanship, selfless play, team spirit, determination, and heart in the course of winning 96 games in the regular season, winning the American League East Division Championship.”

            The 2007 Boston Red Sox won their second World Series title in just four seasons in the first moments of October 29th. They swept the Los Angeles Angels, bested the Cleveland Indians in 7 games after being down 3 games to 1 and completed their historic season with a sweep of the Colorado Rockies.

            “The World Champion Boston Red Sox should be congratulated for their efforts and their great success this year. They consistently exemplified the concept of teamwork throughout their season and their status as the best team in baseball is richly deserved. My colleagues and I join all of Red Sox Nation in saying thank you for yet another unforgettable year,” stated Rep. Mike Capuano, whose district includes Fenway Park.

            "This year's Boston Red Sox team will go down in history as one of the most talented, tenacious and successful teams of all time. I am thrilled that the Sox won their second World Series in four years, and the entire Red Sox Nation is celebrating the amazing season and a cast of players and team management that has made all of us proud to be Sox fans,” stated Congressman Ed Markey.         

            Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said, “My dad, Pop Lynch was born in 1922 shortly after the Red Sox won their last World Series of the 20th Century.  Pop, who is now a young 85, wondered if he’d ever live to see them win another.  Now he, and all of us in New England, have seen two World Series Championships in the span of four years. God is good. The Boston Red Sox management and players and coaches are a shining example of excellence, integrity, and passion.  I join all of my colleagues, and the entire U.S. Congress in paying tribute to their extraordinary accomplishment.”

            “I want to congratulate the Red Sox on winning a second World Series victory in four years”, Rep. Delahunt said. “The fans of New England love this team because of their work ethic and the way they play together...on the field and off.  Red Sox Nation is already looking forward to next year.”

            “After winning their second World Series championship in four years, I would like to congratulate the players, owners and staff of the Boston Red Sox on their remarkable accomplishment. Since closer Jonathan Papelbon threw his last fastball to Jason Varitek in Game 4 to clinch the title, Red Sox nation has been celebrating the sweep with enthusiasm and pride. And that celebration will reach its peak today when the team takes a victory lap through the streets of Boston. The 2007 Boston Red Sox were a combination of veterans and rookies who came together this season to capture baseball’s fall classic. Across New England today, Red Sox fans are thrilled to call the Old Towne Team World Champions for another year,” said Congressman Richard E. Neal.

            "I congratulate the Red Sox on a great season," said Rep. Niki Tsongas.  "I'm proud that many of our proud world champions cut their teeth as Lowell Spinners.  I join my colleagues and the entire Red Sox Nation in applauding the great play of our beloved home team."

            “This World Series championship was the culmination of the Red Sox's tremendous season.  This resolution rightly honors each and every member of the Red Sox team, from players, to coaching staff, to management,” said Congressman John F. Tierney (D-MA). “After this World Series win, it is clear the only potential rival left is Michael Flately and his Riverdance Troupe – and even they should take heed of Pabelbon’s prowess.”

            “The Red Sox have long been a source of pride in New England, and I want to congratulate them on their second World Series championship in 4 years,” Rep. Jim McGovern said.  “It may take us a while to become accustomed to success – maybe a few more years like this one will do the trick.”