BOSTON – Senators John Kerry and Edward Kennedy, along with Congressman Stephen Lynch today announced that the Brockton Area Transit Authority would receive $816,040 for new buses.

“In a time of skyrocketing energy costs, making public transportation work better is relief for commuters getting walloped at the gas pump,” said Senator Kerry. “New buses in the Brockton area will provide easier, cleaner, and more cost effective travel for thousands of Massachusetts commuters.”

Kennedy spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner said, “In today’s economy, safe and efficient public transportation is more important than ever, and this federal funding is a boost for commuters in the Brockton area.”

"As gas prices continue to rise, these new BAT buses will make commutes greener, more comfortable and more efficient while replacing older buses and continuing the upgrade of transportation services for the people of Brockton and surrounding communities," Lynch said.  "This grant was greatly assisted by Mayor Jim Harrington, Senator Bob Creedon, and our city and state delegations."

“We deeply appreciate the efforts of Senators Kennedy and Kerry and Congressman Lynch to help us continue to replace and modernize our fleet with more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.  This funding will improve the mobility of those we serve in the region and help to lower our operating costs,” said Ray Ledoux, Administrator, Brockton Area Transit Authority.