WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, February 26th, Congressman Lynch signed the discharge petition led by Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY) to bring up H.R. 1010, the Fair Minimum Wage Act, for a vote on the House Floor. The bill, of which Congressman Lynch is an original cosponsor, would increase the minimum wage over three years from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour, indexes future annual increases to inflation thereafter, and gradually increases the tipped minimum wage to 70 percent of the minimum wage.

Congressman Lynch said, “I am committed to ensuring that hard-working American men and women receive fair wages for a day’s work. The current minimum wage pays approximately $14,500 per year. It is unacceptable that Americans with full-time jobs are living in poverty. ”

“Working men and women are the backbone of America,” Lynch continued. “This legislation is critical for the economic well-being of our nation, and will encourage greater economic growth. The Fair Minimum Wage Act would ensure that working men and women receive a fair wage. I am a proud cosponsor of this bill, and I am proud to sign this discharge petition to urge immediate action on the House Floor on this important legislation.”

The Fair Minimum Wage Act (H.R. 1010) amends the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to increase the federal minimum wage for employees to $10.10 an hour over two years.  After three years, the minimum wage amount will be indexed to inflation.  Additionally, H.R. 1010 will increase the federal minimum wage for tipped employees to $3.00 an hour during the first year, while providing a formula for subsequent annual adjustments.

The Fair Minimum Wage Act was originally introduced in the House by Rep. George Miller (D-CA), and currently has 196 cosponsors. The discharge petition will require the House to consider the minimum wage legislation once a majority of Members of Congress (218) have signed the petition.