Wasington, D.C. -  Congressman Stephen F. Lynch released his statement on the articles of impeachment issued against President Trump; the first article charges President Trump with abuse of power and the second charges him with obstruction of Congress.  The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the two articles tomorrow.

 “After carefully considering the weight of the evidence and listening to witness depositions, I firmly believe there is clear and convincing evidence, beyond any reasonable doubt, that President Trump, aided by others acting at his direction, conspired to pressure a foreign power to interfere in our 2020 democratic elections.  The evidence also plainly demonstrates that President Trump used the power of his office to obstruct a duly authorized Congressional inquiry into his conduct and repeatedly caused others to refuse to cooperate or comply with properly authorized subpoenas, all in violation of the law and Constitution.  For these reasons and holding myself bound by my oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution”, I intend to support the Articles of Impeachment soon to be offered before the House of Representatives.” – Representative Stephen F. Lynch