benefits.  My sincere thanks to all the public health officials, health care workers, first responders and other essential employees that are working around the clock on the front lines of this crisis to help protect Americans who are the most vulnerable to this outbreak."

"This new Medicaid funding is great news for Massachusetts, and will give the Commonwealth more flexibility to address the coronavirus pandemic and other public health concerns," said Senator Warren. "I'll keep fighting to make sure our federal government supports our states and localities as they grapple with this public health emergency."

"Medicaid isn't just a line in the budget, it is a lifeline for vulnerable patients and families in Massachusetts," said Senator Markey. "As the Commonwealth and our cities and towns respond to the coronavirus crisis, this funding will provide additional resources and flexibility for our public health and health care systems. I will continue to push for all of the federal resources Massachusetts needs to respond to the coronavirus emergency."

"The additional funding for Medicaid will ensure that all those who need assistance receive it," said Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Richard E. Neal. "Folks that receive Medicaid funding are usually some of the most vulnerable and this action is another step in the right direction to make sure that they are cared for."

"Last week, the House took swift, bold action to pass the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Our bill increases federal Medicaid funding and supports our state and local governments and health systems as they combat this crisis," said Congressman McGovern. "I am grateful for the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, who worked tirelessly to quickly pass this important bill - and for the work of our entire Congressional Delegation, which has been working as a team during this challenging time. We are laser-focused on ensuring that we put the needs of Massachusetts families first during this pandemic, and that is exactly what this Medicaid funding will help us do."

"The additional $1 billion Massachusetts will receive will provide the necessary flexibility to properly address this crisis at home, especially as the situation evolves, while also ensuring Bay Staters receive the care they need without having services cut because of Medicaid shortfalls," said Congressman Bill Keating. 

"In the face of pandemic, the federal government must ensure the doctors, hospitals, and health centers on the frontlines of our response have the resources they need to keep our people safe," said Congressman Kennedy. "This stimulus package rightfully includes critical spending to strengthen Medicaid and protect the most vulnerable. Its passage will rapidly invest $1.08 billion into Massachusetts health care infrastructure, which will be life-saving in the days and weeks ahead. The Massachusetts delegation will continue fighting on all fronts to get the Commonwealth what it needs."

"Every family in Massachusetts must have access to care during this time of crisis," said Congresswoman Clark. "I'm grateful that the House acted swiftly last week to draft and pass the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and that the Senate has met our urgent call for action. We have more work to do to ensure that families, providers and businesses receive the support they need to stay safe and stable, but this more than $1 billion in federal health care money will go a long way toward that goal while guaranteeing free testing and helping to prevent further spread of the virus."

"So many people I know have already lost their jobs, and we're just getting started with this pandemic,"  Congressman Moulton said.  "We need to act decisively to protect our health and our economy, and this is a good place to start. But there's much, much more to do."

"Workers and families are facing historic disruption as a result of the coronavirus," said Congresswoman Trahan.  "The House bill passed by the Senate today provides our constituents with the health care coverage, food assistance, and financial support they need to cope with the widespread consequences of this pandemic. States like Massachusetts will also see a much-needed increase in assistance through programs like Medicaid, which will support the heroic efforts of our community hospitals, health centers and other medical facilities which serve those most in-need. This action reflects our responsibility to stand with the American people as we move through this national emergency, together."

Prior to this announcement, the Commonwealth had received a total of $12,149,309.30 in supplemental funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to combat the pandemic.

For more information about this virus, please visit CDC's website: For the latest information on the outbreak, visit CDC's Novel Coronavirus 2019 website.

Massachusetts-specific information about the coronavirus outbreak, including symptoms, prevention, and treatment, is available here.