Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that invests more than $1.5 trillion to rebuild America’s infrastructure, address disparities throughout America, create millions of jobs and combat the climate crisis. The Moving Forward Act includes three bills put forward by U.S. Representative Stephen F. Lynch (MA-08), a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which will help low-income communities combat air pollution, address transportation safety and protect the American public’s health and safety throughout the coronavirus pandemic.  

“I am pleased to see all three of my bills included in the final passage of the Moving Forward Act,” said Rep. Lynch.  “As the Representative of a heavily urbanized district, we face unique challenges that demand attention and I believe many communities within the 8th Congressional district would benefit directly from my legislation.  To address the threats resulting from climate change, Massachusetts has prioritized zero-emission vehicles, and my Green Buses for Every Community Act will require 10% of the federal funding provided for the “Zero-Emission Bus Grant” program be given to low-income communities.  This will be especially helpful for the City of Brockton, that has been battling air pollution and its damaging health effects, by use of zero-emission buses.  We have also witnessed a rise in traffic-related pedestrian accidents across my district, most notably Quincy, Brockton and South Boston, and my Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Improvement Act will help identify and improve intersections and roads that are prone to accidents or fatalities.  Lastly, as our nation continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, my Ensuring Health Safety in the Skies Act will help protect the health and safety of passengers and aviation employees during air travel by creating federal guidelines for the airline industry to follow throughout this ongoing crisis.”

Green Buses for Every Community Act by Rep. Lynch

H.R. 2 provides a 500% increase in funding for the “Zero Emission Bus Grant” program, equal to $1.7 billion, and the Green Buses for Every Community Act would require that 10% of these funds are dedicated to low-income communities that often suffer from a variety of health disparities due to air pollution.  As transit authorities across the country move towards climate-friendly technologies this bill will help cities such as Brockton continue their efforts to combat air pollution by providing additional funds for zero emission buses.

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Improvement Act by Rep. Lynch 

The Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Improvement Act would require the Secretary of Transportation to conduct a nationwide safety assessment every two years that is focused on preventing pedestrian and bicyclist accidents on American roads and identify immediate improvements that could be made to effectively address specific safety issues.  This bill would also require the Secretary of Transportation to create and maintain a National Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Database, which would list the high-risk intersections, roads and highways with a documented history of accidents or fatalities to help improve transparency and information sharing on safety challenges.  

Ensuring Health Safety in the Skies Act by Rep. Lynch

The Ensuring Health Safety in the Skies, would establish an expert Joint Task Force to develop federal safety guidelines and protect passengers and aviation employees against the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  Given the serious health and safety concerns over commercial air travel during the outbreak of COVID-19, this amendment would help implement a cohesive federal strategy to ensure the all airlines follow the same protocols to protect the American public as they continue to fly throughout the pandemic. This bill is the House companion to the Senate legislation introduced by U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA).

H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, provides more than $300 billion to help fix American roads, bridges and transit systems while prioritizing the modernization of the infrastructure to help make roads smarter and safer for all users.  H.R. 2 provides substantial funding for child care and school improvements, affordable housing and high-speed broadband internet access to underserved communities, as well as $25 billion to update postal infrastructure and operations, including a zero emissions postal vehicle fleet and processing equipment.