Washington, D.C. - On Wednesday, December 18th, Congressman Stephen F. Lynch released the following statement before his historic vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump:

     "As a member of Congress who previously considered the earliest calls for impeachment to be premature, I think it is now a proper time to state my views based upon a complete review of the entire record, as the inquiry process has concluded and Articles of Impeachment are now being debated.

     Apart from the attendant rancor and vitriol throughout this process and after quiet and studied consideration of the charges against the President, I believe the essential facts have not been seriously disputed. The President’s own assertions as recounted in the White House transcript of his phone call with President Zelensky of Ukraine as well as widely-corroborated first-hand testimony and direct evidence, frequently provided by Republican appointees, reveal that the President solicited and materially induced a foreign power to interfere in our upcoming democratic election for his personal political advantage.

     It is also beyond argument that the President has used the power of his office to conceal the evidence of his wrongdoing and further demanded that Executive branch personnel refuse to cooperate in subsequent Congressional investigations in order to obstruct justice.

     The President’s actions are of a character and nature that present a direct threat to American democracy while his actions throughout this process make clear that this pattern of behavior in our Chief Executive is likely to continue.

     I believe it is and should remain a rare and terrible measure for Congress to take action so disruptive and drastic as to remove a duly-elected President from office. Indeed, it is only to be undertaken when the evidence demonstrates that to allow the President to remain in office presents a greater danger to our democratic republic. Sadly, the President’s conduct has surely satisfied that standard.

     I am aware that it is unlikely that sufficient numbers in the U.S. Senate will support the President’s removal. Nevertheless, it is sufficient that the House of Representatives goes on record to inform future Presidents by firmly declaring that President Trump’s above-describes conduct to be unacceptable and impeachable.

     Therefore, for these reasons and consistent with my oath of office, “to support and defend the Constitution”, when called upon I shall vote to support the Articles of Impeachment, thereby referring them to the Senate for trial and possible removal.” - Representative Stephen F. Lynch