BOSTON – Senators John Kerry and Edward Kennedy, along with Congressmen Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch today announced that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has notified Congress that within days it will approve the entry of Phase III of the Silver Line project in Boston into preliminary engineering, a key milestone in the overall federal review of the project that is required in order to make the project eligible for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal support.


The project consists of a 1.1 mile tunnel under downtown Boston, connecting Roxbury to Logan International Airport. It also allows for the building of new platforms at two existing subway stations and surface bus contra-flow lanes between Charles and Washington Streets. The project will also improve mobility for the largely transit-dependent population in Chinatown.


"This next step for the Silver Line is an important one,” said Senator Kerry. "It will enhance commuters’ abilities to travel from Boston’s neighborhoods to the downtown shopping area, provide quicker options for getting to Logan International Airport, and bring more foot traffic to our rapidly growing waterfront. I commend the FTA for providing funding to better our great city.”

"This is a wonderful accomplishment for the MBTA, and a recognition of a great deal of hard work.  It means in the years ahead we’ll be in a strong position to secure substantial federal funding, and help the state meet its considerable transit expansion needs,” Senator Kennedy said.

"This notification from the FTA is an important step forward for the Silver Line, a project that will increase public transit options in many Boston neighborhoods," stated Congressman Mike Capuano.

Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said, "The announcement by the FTA is another positive step toward the completion of this critical transportation project.  Upon its completion, Phase III will provide increased accessibility for residents along the Silver Line to the South Boston Waterfront, the Financial District and Logan Airport as well as connections to other MBTA stations.  In addition, this project will ensure that the economy of the City of Boston and the Greater Boston area will continue to grow in the years ahead.  I commend the FTA and the MBTA for their commitment to this important project."

"I want to thank Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, Congressman Capuano, Congressman Olver, Congressman Lynch, and the entire Massachusetts delegation for their steadfast support of this project specifically, and their continued support of the MBTA and public transportation generally.  This is great news getting this important project back on track," stated Daniel A. Grabauskas, General Manager of the MBTA.

The Silver Line Phase III project is expected to cost $1.2 billion.  If the Federal Transit Administration gives the project final approval, the federal government may provide approximately $700 million in funding for this project.