Congressman Stephen F. Lynch announced that the U.S. House of Representatives has approved $175,000 in federal funding for the renovation and expansion of the Holbrook Public Library. The funding is included in the Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2007.


"This is good news for the Town of Holbrook,” said Congressman Stephen F. Lynch.  "The Public Library has always been a point of pride for the families of Holbrook, and this funding will allow us to move forward with plans for updating this historic building.”


Holbrook Board of Selectmen Chairman Rob Austin said, "Our library initiative has expanded from a grass-roots effort to a national commitment.  The town of Holbrook is grateful for this assistance and we would like to thank the Congressman for all his effort in supporting our public library.”


Town Administrator Michael Yunits said, "Holbrook is very appreciative of the Congressman’s efforts.  Holbrook, being a small town with limited resources, really appreciates the help when we can make improvements to a facility that will help everybody in town, young and old.”


Earlier this year, after consulting with Senator Mike Morrissey, Representative Ron Mariano, Town Administrator Mike Yunits, and the Holbrook Board of Selectmen Chairman Bob Austin, Rick McGaughey, Paul Currie, Katherine Connolly and Don White, Congressman Lynch approached Republican and Democratic leaders on the House Appropriations Committee to formally request federal funding for the renovation and expansion of the library.  Congressman Lynch was notified that the funding would be included in the final House version of the bill, which was overwhelmingly approved by the House Wednesday, and will now be sent to the Senate for its approval.


The Holbrook Public Library was constructed in 1967, and extensive renovations are required to bring the building up to today’s standards.  These improvements will include making the library more accessible to elderly and handicapped residents of Holbrook. 


Lynch added, "What makes a public library special is that it’s accessible to everyone, no matter your age, economic standing, or special condition.  This federal funding will enable Chairman Austin, and Selectmen McGaughey, Currie, Connolly and White and Town Administrator Mike Yunits and the Town to ensure that every resident of Holbrook is able to take advantage of this wonderful resource.”