Congressman Stephen F. Lynch today was named Ranking Member of the House Committee on Government Reform's Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs.

As the Subcommittee's highest ranking Democratic Member, Congressman Lynch will take on a pivotal role on a panel that will closely examine regulations that affect a wide range of industries.  The Subcommittee’s regulatory oversight responsibilities include agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the FCC, the US Postal Service, the Social Security Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, INS, Amtrak, and the Small Business Administration as well as others. 

In his new role, Congressman Lynch has expressed interest in strengthening regulations that target the most persistent abuse of taxpayers, consumers and small businesses, while streamlining cumbersome and ineffective bureaucracies. Lynch has also cautioned that congressional oversight is necessary to ensure that agency decisions and actions are not improperly influenced by regulated industries and interest groups. 

"I’m very pleased to be taking on this new responsibility, I’m grateful for the opportunity and eager to get to work,” said Lynch.

Lynch, who was elected to the Congress in October 2001, will continue to serve on the Committee on Financial Services as well as the.Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations, which also has jurisdiction over Veterans Affairs.